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Adult Rules
General Rules and Requirements
 1.  All league players must be at least 18 years old.
 2.  League fees will be determined by the KATCH Board of Directors, for each session, per player. Each 
      player is then a member of the Keller Alliance Tennis Charter (KATCH). Balls are included in the league fee.
 3.  League fees are to be paid online at the time of registration. KATCH accepts Paypal, Mastercard and Visa.
 4.  All final scores will be reported to the designated League Coordinator at the conclusion of the match.
       Included will be all players’ names, who won, and the score, including the points in a tie-break, if played.
 5.  League rosters are permanent on the entry deadline date. There will be a substitute list
 6.  Players are expected to find their own subs from the provided sub list. You must let the league coordinator know  
      the name of your sub before the match.
 7.  Please arrive at the courts on time and ready to play. Warm-up, including serves is 15 minutes prior to start of match. 
      We do not play "first ball in." When the first ball is served, the match has begun.
 8.  Players who leave prior to match completion, or are unable to complete the match for any reason, take  
      only the points earned in completed sets. USTA rules are used for calls and decisions, including court
 9.  Matches will be played on community designated courts. Parking information will be provided to you prior to your first match.
10. Individuals must bring their own water, restrooms are not available.
11. One 10 minute rest period between the second (2nd) and third (3rd) set only.
The USTA’s Honor Code of Ethics
The Honor Code of Ethics is prepared with the philosophy that today’s opponent is tomorrow’s tennis friend. To assure that end,
this code should be used as a guideline during league play.
USTA Rules and Regulations are available on-line. Go to USTA.com   On the home page, far right, place the cursor on Get Involved. 
Then click on Officials. From that page, click on Friend of Court. You can find all rules and regulations on-line this way.
Rescheduling Due to Weather
 1.  Rain or severe weather (temperatures above 99 or below 40 degrees) at the match location at time of
      match may result in cancellation. Matches cancelled due to weather will not be rescheduled.  We may play extra matches
    at the end of the season if courts are available.
 2.  If play has begun, then it rains, a 30 minute wait time is the maximum. If play does resume, it starts from exactly where it stopped,
      therefore make note of all scores, who serving, or will serve next, sides players were on when play stopped and the count in any
      game that was in progress.
 3.  In the event of a rainout, an alternative location can be used if all players are in agreement. If this is not possible the match will be cancelled.
Player Responsibility
 1.  Know the league rules.
 2.  It is the player’s responsibility to find their own substitute and inform the League Coordinator. If a last
      minute emergency arises, it is imperative that you contact the League Coordinator so they will  be aware
      of your absence. Failure to do so will constitute a no-show situation. (See #7 below)
 3.  Know the location of the match and be on time. The PPS goes into effect at the starting time of the
 4.  Use good court etiquette. Be considerate and respectful of your opponents and players on other
      courts. Try to resolve disputes during the match with your opponents. If unable to do so, continue play to
      the conclusion of the match. A written protest can be filed with the Director of Tennis within 7 days.
 5.  Cell phones are to be OFF during the entire match, even during crossovers and designated rest periods,
      unless you leave the court during the designated rest period.
 6.  No one except the players may be on the court during the match. No coaching is permitted during the
 7.  No Shows:   After second no-show offense, the player will be dismissed from the current league in
      session. Player will be ineligible to play in the following session. Substitute will be found for this opening.               
The Point Penalty System (lateness)
5 minutes or less: Loss of toss plus 1 game.
5:01 - 10 minutes: Loss of toss plus 2 games.
10:01-15 minutes: Loss of toss plus 3 games.
More than 15 minutes: Default
Foot faults:
After being warned, your opponent can call foot faults. If it occurs on the first serve, the server gets a second serve. If it occurs on a
second serve, the server loses the point.
Line calls:
Should be immediate and announced clearly and loud enough for the opponent to hear. Hand gestures may be used in addition to a
verbal call.
At the start of each game, announce the set score. At the beginning of each 1st serve, announce the game score. Doing this prevents
confusion and problems later in the match.

Guidelines and Format for 2.5/3.0/3.5 Ladies Progressive League
 1.  Session will be for 8 weeks on the assigned day, at the assigned time.
 2.  Regular (ad) scoring, Tie-break at 6-6, first team to 7 points (must win by 2 points). Three sets will be played, one set with each
      of the other 3  players on your court that day. No "Ad" may be implemented if all players on the court agree.
 3.  Tuesday and Thursday leagues will consist of combined 2.5/3.0/3.5 level players
 4.  Random assignments for 1st week court assignment
- After the 1st week court assignment will be based on previous week's score.
- Two highest scorers on each court will move up 1 court.
- Two lowest scorers on each court will move down 1 court.
 5.  Penalty for a substitute: cumulative average score for the regular player will be used to determine rotation up or down. Zero points
      for a no-show situation.
 6.  In the event of ties, cumulative scores (games/sets) will be used to determine rotation. If still unable to determine rotation then an        
      administrative decision will be made.
The Coman Tiebreak procedure is the same as the 7-point Tiebreak (first to 7 by a margin of 2),  except that ends are changed after the
first point, then after every four points and at the conclusion of the Tiebreak. Player will serve from the same side they have served
throughout the set. Change sides after the 1st point, the 5th point, the 9th point, the 13th point, etc.
For inquiries or appeals, please contact Keller Alliance Tennis Charter (KATCH) , P.O. Box 651,
Keller, TX  76244 or http://www.kellertexastennis.org
Revised 4/22/2015


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